Ktor 2.3.12 Help

Text and charsets

This plugin allows you to process the plain text content in request and response: fills the Accept header with registered charsets, encode request body and decode response body according to ContentType charset.


If no configuration specified in configuration or HTTP call properties, Charsets.UTF_8 is used by default.

val client = HttpClient(HttpClientEngine) { Charsets { // Allow using `UTF_8`. register(Charsets.UTF_8) // Allow using `ISO_8859_1` with quality 0.1. register(Charsets.ISO_8859_1, quality=0.1f) // Specify Charset to send request(if no charset in request headers). sendCharset = ... // Specify Charset to receive response(if no charset in response headers). responseCharsetFallback = ... } }
Last modified: 02 April 2024