Ktor 1.6.7 Help

Shutdown URL

This plugin (previously known as feature) enables a URL that when accessed, shutdowns the server.

There are two ways to use it: Automatically using HOCON and Installing the plugin

Automatically using HOCON

You can configure a shutdown URL using HOCON with the ktor.deployment.shutdown.url property.

ktor { deployment { shutdown.url = "/my/shutdown/path" } }

Installing the plugin

You can manually install the plugin, with ShutDownUrl.ApplicationCallFeature and set the shutDownUrl and an exitCodeSupplier:

install(ShutDownUrl.ApplicationCallFeature) { // The URL that will be intercepted shutDownUrl = "/ktor/application/shutdown" // A function that will be executed to get the exit code of the process exitCodeSupplier = { 0 } // ApplicationCall.() -> Int }
Last modified: 27 May 2021