Ktor 1.5.0 Help

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

There is a IntelliJ plugin adding a project wizard for Ktor projects.

It will configure a project for you, it will configure the ktor features for you, and will provide some sample code for them.

Using the plugin

Like this website, the plugin allows you to create a Ktor project, but with the additional convenience of being fully integrated in the IDE and automatically setting up the project.

Creating a new project a Ktor section will appear:

  1. In a first step, you can configure the project to generate and select features to install:

    ktor plugin 1 png

  2. In a second step, you can configure the project artifacts:

    ktor plugin 2 png

Installing the plugin

You can get the plugin from:

  • Plugin Website: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/10823-ktor

  • Inside IntelliJ: IntelliJ IDEAPreferences...PluginsInstall JetBrains Plugin...KtorInstall

  • IntelliJ Welcome Screen: ConfigurePluginsInstall JetBrains Plugin...KtorInstall

install01 png

install2 png

install3 png

Last modified: 14 December 2020