Early Access Program

Our Early Access Program (EAP) allows you to get access to Ktor as it is being developed, and provide us feedback! On a nightly basis we release versions of Ktor that contain features and bug fixes that may not be available in the production releases of the product. This includes but not limited to new APIs, experimental and/or deprecated APIs, as well as ideas and other things being developed.
Semantic Versioning and EAPs
Ktor follows Semantic Versioning. In summary this means major versions can contain incompatible API changes, minor versions can provide backwards-compatible functionality, and patch versions can add backwards-compatible fixes.

EAP builds can be either from the main development or EAP branches for major/minor upcoming versions. While these go through the same (if not more) tests and checks as do our releases, it is important to understand that they cannot be considered release versions. They may contain experimental APIs, they may break backwards compatibility, etc. Please take this account when trying them out.

In regards to experimental APIs, as of version 2.0.0 of Ktor, these will be limited to EAP versions. We will no longer be shipping APIs marked with the @Experimental annotation in release versions.
Get The Bits
You can download the EAP artifacts from Space. To configure your project to use the EAPs, select the build system from one of the ones below, add the repository entries, and then the dependencies you need, suffixing the dependency with the version number which can be obtained from the Space repository or the list of nightly builds. For instance, if you want to use2.2.0-eap-X, you need to add the dependency with the corresponding version:io.ktor:ktor:2.2.0-eap-X.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Artifacts for EAPs are not guaranteed to be kept indefinitely.

Gradle Groovy

repositories {
maven {
url "https://maven.pkg.jetbrains.space/public/p/ktor/eap"

Gradle Kotlin

repositories {
maven {
url = uri("https://maven.pkg.jetbrains.space/public/p/ktor/eap")